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My Body is Water: Embracing Sensorial Perception Through Eco-Art at GEYC


On June 26, 2024, the SENSE.STEAM project hosted a unique and immersive event titled “My Body is Water” at the GEYC office, with Alina Tofan as the facilitator. This workshop, a part of the SENSE.STEAM project’s multiplication efforts, exemplified the project’s commitment to exploring different modalities of knowing through artistic augmented sensorial perception and engaging participants in STEAM education from the most fundamental senses.

The SENSE.STEAM Approach

SENSE.STEAM is dedicated to redefining how we perceive and engage with science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). By incorporating sensory experiences and artistic expression, the project aims to make STEAM education more holistic and accessible. The “My Body is Water” workshop epitomized this approach, emphasizing the interconnectedness of human senses and environmental awareness.

A Journey Through Water

The event unfolded through a series of eco-related artistic activities, all centered around the theme of water. Participants were first led through a guided meditation, focusing on their intrinsic connection to water. This meditation aimed to deepen their awareness of how water influences their lives and the environment, fostering a sense of unity and mindfulness.

Following the meditation, participants engaged in a body mapping session. This activity involved visually and artistically mapping their bodies, highlighting areas where they felt a strong connection to water. This creative process allowed participants to explore their physical and emotional bonds with this vital element, promoting a deeper understanding of their own bodies and their relationship with nature.

Deep Connections Through Water Stories

One of the most profound aspects of the workshop was the storytelling session. Participants shared personal stories and experiences related to water, delving into how water had impacted their lives. These narratives ranged from childhood memories of playing in the rain to reflections on the significance of water in cultural rituals and traditions.

This sharing of water-related stories created an atmosphere of empathy and connection among participants. It highlighted the universal importance of water and how it shapes our lives in myriad ways. By exploring these personal connections, participants not only learned more about each other but also about the diverse ways in which water influences human experience.

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Enhancing Sensorial Perception and Awareness

The “My Body is Water” workshop was not just about artistic expression; it was also a profound exercise in enhancing sensorial perception and self-awareness. Participants were encouraged to engage their senses fully, from the tactile experience of body mapping to the auditory immersion of guided meditation. This multisensory approach helped participants become more attuned to their surroundings and their inner selves.

Through these activities, participants heightened their awareness of their own knowledge and capabilities. They discovered new ways of knowing and understanding the world around them, rooted in sensory experiences and artistic expression. This approach aligns perfectly with the SENSE.STEAM principles, demonstrating the power of combining art and science to enrich education and personal growth.

The Role of SENSE.STEAM in Transformative Education

The “My Body is Water” event is a testament to the transformative potential of the SENSE.STEAM project. By integrating sensory experiences and artistic expression into STEAM education, SENSE.STEAM is breaking down traditional educational boundaries and creating new pathways for learning and personal development.

The success of this workshop underscores the importance of considering different modalities of knowing and the value of starting from the most basic of senses. It highlights how eco-related artistic activities can enhance not only scientific understanding but also emotional and social connections.

Learn More About SENSE.STEAM

The SENSE.STEAM project continues to innovate and inspire through its unique approach to education. By combining art, science, and sensory experiences, it is creating a more inclusive and holistic learning environment.

To learn more about the SENSE.STEAM project and its initiatives, visit SENSE.STEAM.

In conclusion, the “My Body is Water” workshop at GEYC was a remarkable event that showcased the power of sensory perception and artistic expression in education. Through guided meditation, body mapping, and storytelling, participants deepened their connection to water, themselves, and each other. This event is a shining example of how the SENSE.STEAM project is redefining education and fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us.

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