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Do you want a better understanding of the SENSE. project but feel the need for a document focused on the added value or involvement opportunities for your specific target group/community? You’re in the right place! We’ve curated a series of informational packages, all aimed at highlighting how SENSE. can benefit specific stakeholders (interested entities) while making it easier to understand our goals and objectives.

We are speaking YOUR language!

If you’re the representative of a business, school, university, museum, science center or if you’re a policy maker, teacher, student or a member of the general public simply trying to better understand SENSE., read along!

Scroll and find the informational package that best suits your situation/role and see if SENSE. makes sense to YOU!

Info pack for… the general public

Info pack for… Businesses

Info pack for… teachers, educators and VET providers

Info pack for… students

Info pack for… researchers and academics

Info pack for… women and girls

Info pack for… museums and science centers

Info pack for… policy makers

Info packs for… museums