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  • Introduction

    All the SENSE. public deliverables can be downloaded here. They will be uploaded as soon as they are submitted to the EU, to ensure early access to our results. The final version approved by the EU will be uploaded (if different from the first submitted one), whenever applicable. 

    All SENSE. consortium members are also committed to publish accurate and up to date information and take the greatest care to do so. However, the SENSE. consortium members do not accept liability for any inaccuracies or omissions, nor do they accept liability for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or other losses or damages of any kind arising out of the use of this information. 

    Unless otherwise indicated, all materials created by the SENSE. consortium members are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). 

     We appreciate to receive any feedback on our deliverables, feel free to reach out to us at 

  • Work package 2

    D2.1 Online outreach tools and visual identity 

    Completed January 2023

    D2.2 Revised dissemination, exploitation, and communication plan 

    Completed February 2023, revised June 2023

    First Policy brief 

    due August 2023

    D2.3 Design principles for the digital hub STEAM Academy and Laboratories 

    Due November 2023

    D2.4 Final report on dissemination, communication and exploitation strategy and activities 

    Due August 2025

    D2.5 Catalogue of STEAM policy actions 

    Due August 2025

    D2.6 STEAM Academy Digital hub 

    Due August 2025

  • Work package 3

  • Work Package 4

    4.1 Report on the launch of the STEAM Labs 

    Completed August 2023

    D4.2 Report on the implementation activities of the STEAM Labs 

    Due October 2024

    D4.3 Report on the SENSE.STEAM evaluation of the four specific areas 

    D4.4 Recommendations for the Roadmap and the learning companion 

  • Work Package 5

    D5.1 Scoping report on STEAM spaces 

    Due September 2023

    D5.2. Report on Evaluation of space strategies for the STEAM Roadmap 

    Due May 2024

    D5.3 Self-experimentation toolkits and design principles for STEAM spaces 

    Due October 2024

    D5.4 Policy recommendations: STEAM spaces and the New European Bauhaus 

    D5.5 Recommendations for open schooling and STEAM 

  • Work Package 6

    D6.1 Scoping report on social inclusion and gender in STEAM 

    Due September 2023

    D6.2. Report on Evaluation of social inclusion strategies for the SENSE Roadmap 

    Due May 2024

    D6.3 Toolkits for social inclusion and gender awareness through and for STEAM education 

    Due October 2024

    D6.4 Policy recommendations: social and gender inclusion through and for STEAM 

  • Work Package 7

    D7.1 First outline of the New European STEAM Education Roadmap 

    Due November 2023

    D7.2 First version of the SENSE.STEAM.Wiki 

    Due February 2024

    D7.3 First version of the digitised educational materials and toolkits 

    Due January 2025

    D7.4 Report on the two real-world applications of the Roadmap 

    Due August 2025

    D7.5 The New European STEAM Education Roadmap