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SENSE. puts forward an art-integrative science education, grounded into a sensory and participatory approach to STEAM education. This ambition will sustain the development of our New European Roadmap for STEAM Education building awareness, action, and advocacy through our four overarching objectives:

1) To create the praxis informed SENSE.STEAM Educational model and pedagogy.

2) To establish the requirements for practical implementation of the SENSE.STEAM Educational model across Europe.

3) To transform current STEAM educational practices by mainstreaming social inclusion and spatial design as cross-cutting issues.

4) To consolidate and disseminate findings into a Roadmap for Science Education.

The project will run for three years beginning September 2022 and is being undertaken by a consortium made up of public, private and non profit organisations across Europe.

The SENSE. project is part of a wider ‘atlas of roadmaps’ for STEAM education. Read more about our partners RoadSTEAMER and Seer.

Key milestones


1. September 2022: Project Launch/Kickoff! 

2. November 2022: Steam DNA Workshop (HVL, Bergen)


3. March 2023: Workshop on Citizen Science operated by University Barcelona and Musee du Louvre (Paris)

4. August 2023: European-wide launch of STEAM Labs and digital hub

5. October 2023: General Assembly and field studies in Georgia (WECF, Tbilisi)


6. April 2024: General Assembly and fieldwork with Primaria Municipiului Campina (GEYC, Bucharest)

7. July 2024: SENSE.STEAM @ Summer Olympics in Paris (Musee du Louvre) 

8. October 2024 : General Assembly (CREDA, Monza) 


9. March 2025: PHW, Weingarten 

10. July 2025: International SENSE.STEAM Fair and Family Festival in Brussels.

11. August 2025: Inauguration of the SENSE. New European Roadmap to STEAM Education and its supporting tools.


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