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The SENSE. consortium stands for democracy in Georgia


The SENSE consortium stands in solidarity with the people of Georgia amidst the ongoing protests against the proposed foreign agent law. This legislation, if enacted, poses a grave threat to the fundamental principles of democracy and freedom of expression in Georgia.

Georgia’s parliament’s decision to advance this highly controversial law, reminiscent of
Russian legislation, is deeply concerning. By requiring media and non-profit organizations to register as being under foreign influence if they receive more than 20% of their funding from abroad, the law not only tries to silence independent voices but also undermines Georgia’s aspirations for becoming an EU member country.

Moreover, it directly jeopardizes the future of education and innovation in Georgia. As a
consortium dedicated to advancing STEAM education through the SENSE project, we recognize the crucial role that freedom of expression and academic independence play in fostering innovation and progress. If this law is adopted, our consortium member WECF Georgia will be directly affected and hindered in the pursuit of academic collaboration and knowledge exchange, harming the realization of our shared goals.

In solidarity with the people of Georgia, the SENSE consortium reaffirms its commitment to promoting democracy, freedom, and education as cornerstones of a vibrant and progressive society.