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Transformative Ideas and Collaborative Endeavors: Recap of the SENSE 4th General Assembly


From the 17th to the 19th of April 2024, Bucharest became the nucleus of innovative educational discourse as GEYC played host to the 4th General Assembly of the SENSE project consortium. This three-day event, marked by vibrant discussions, interactive workshops, and strategic planning sessions, saw the convergence of diverse stakeholders committed to revolutionizing education through the integration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

Day 1: Kick-off and Joining the Dots

The assembly commenced with an informal check-in and welcome coffee, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration among participants. Following this, the opening session led by GEYC and WECF provided a refreshing overview of the project’s objectives, accompanied by a needs assessment exercise. The agenda then delved into the realm of Citizen Science, exploring avenues for community engagement and data collection led by University of Barcelona.

Heat mapping in Bucharest

In the afternoon session, PHW spearheaded discussions on the development and implementation of educational materials within the SENSE framework. Participants engaged in fruitful dialogue on key design principles, adaptation of activities to local contexts while experimenting one of the proposed methods themselves.

Day 2: Open Space Conference

Thursday unfolded as a dynamic Open Space Conference facilitated by GEYC, offering a platform for diverse activities and interactive sessions. Parallel and plenary workshops addressed topics ranging from teacher professional development to policy recommendations for social inclusion, underscoring the multidimensional nature of STEAM education.

The day concluded with sessions focusing on spatial awareness, updates on project work packages, and strategic discussions on the consolidation of the project roadmap, led by various consortium members.

Day 3: Implementation, Evaluation, and Continuation

The final day commenced with the General Assembly, where delegates from each organization convened to discuss recommendations and navigate the project roadmap. Strategic insights were shared regarding the learning companion and consolidating recommendations for the future trajectory of the project.

Subsequent sessions, jointly led by representatives from WP4, WP5, and WP6, centered on evaluation, lessons learned, and implications for educational material and the project roadmap. The day concluded with a reflective discussion on the progress made and the path forward.

In essence, the 4th General Assembly of the SENSE project epitomized collaboration, innovation, and collective vision in redefining education for the 21st century. As participants departed, they carried with them a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to continue driving positive change in STEAM education.

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